Sports Illustrated CEO, Ross Levinsohn
Sports Illustrated CEO, Ross Levinsohn

Sports Illustrated publisher Maven is making 2021 the year it gets a lot bigger.

In tandem with an announcement on Monday that the company has secured $20 million in equity financing commitments from new and existing institutional investors, Maven simultaneously announced that it’s reached a deal to buy New Jersey-based sports news website The Spun. Maven and Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn said in a phone interview with that the plan is for this fast-growing digital property, which reaches almost 15 million readers per month, to continue operating largely as it does now while being positioned into the Maven ecosystem…

Ross Levinsohn is leading Sports Illustrated to a fruitful future
Ross Levinsohn is leading Sports Illustrated to a fruitful future

The most trusted brand in sports journalism, Sports Illustrated, and its CEO, Ross Levinsohn, has stood as the gold standard for coverage of famous athletes and live sporting events. Over the course of nearly 70 years, Sports Illustrated stories have catalogued the upward (and sometimes downward) trajectories of sports, its stars, and its most notorious characters.

Over the past several years, through three owners, Sports Illustrated has faced its own financial and marketplace challenges. However, this iconic sporting industry publication is now on the upswing thanks to new ownership and an infusion of strategy, technical improvements, and financial resources.


Ross Levinsohn is bolstering Sports Illustrated
Ross Levinsohn is bolstering Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated magazine has become one of the most iconic brands in the sports industry. The United States-based publication features thorough coverage of live sporting events along with high-quality articles and stunning photography.

During almost 70 years of publication, these attributes have helped Sports Illustrated become the United States’ premier sports magazine. This well-regarded publication has also won several National Magazine Awards for its editorial excellence.

After facing some recent financial challenges, Sports Illustrated has benefited from committed new ownership by Authentic Brands Group and operations by Maven, and dynamic new leadership in Ross Levinsohn, its CEO. …

Maven Coalition has tapped Sport Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn to lead the company as its next CEO. In addition to Levinsohn’s appointment, Maven announced it will earmark additional funding for media brands Sports Illustrated, TheStreet,, Ski Magazine, Maxim and Biography.

Ross Levinsohn replaces outgoing CEO and Maven founder James Heckman. Going forward, Heckman will advise Ross Levinsohn on “key strategic and business development initiatives.”

“This is a unique opportunity to lead a technology and media company during a dynamic time of change in both spaces,” stated Levinsohn.

Prior to his role at Sports Illustrated, Ross Levinsohn served as interim…

The independent digital publishing industry has faced increasing pressure in recent years, says Business Wire. Internally, many individual publishers have found it difficult to achieve the technical sophistication and economic efficiencies that would enable them to remain a viable part of the marketplace. Externally, the rapid growth of social media has threatened to decrease viewership and led to stiffer competition for clients’ advertising dollars.

Fortunately, an innovative company called Maven has assembled a robust media organization that provides digital publishers of all sizes with unparalleled technology and support. …


As of February 2, 2021, like many of its industry peers, Sports Illustrated moved to a digital premium membership model.

Authentic Brands Group (ABG) acquired Sports Illustrated in 2019. A few weeks later, it licensed the print and digital rights for Sports Illustrated to Maven in a $110 million agreement that stands for 100 years.

With the media space evolving so quickly, Sports Illustrated’s new leadership, Maven Inc. and Ross Levinsohn, realized that advertising dollars had a minimal impact on the publisher’s growth. …

Ross Levinsohn is leading The Street into cryptocurrency
Ross Levinsohn is leading The Street into cryptocurrency

Finance media company The Street announced on April 5, 2021, that it would be launching a new brand focusing exclusively on cryptocurrency. The Street also intends to devote more media coverage on its website to cryptocurrency news.

Rob Barrett, who recently became president of The Street’s parent company Maven Media, stated that the decision reflects growing interest in alternative currency across the world. Additions to The Street’s website include:

The Street will offer the cryptocurrency newsletter on a subscription basis while access to its dedicated channel remains free.

How The Street is Ramping Up to Offer Expansive Coverage of Cryptocurrency

For decades, we’ve treated magazines as a portal to the world, sharing information and building community. But now that the internet and social media fill that void, how will magazines continue to deliver value when technology upends their traditional role?

To make matters more challenging, the 2020 pandemic added financial stress to nearly every industry, including publishing. However, Ross Levinsohn, the CEO of Maven and Sports Illustrated, claims that changes in consumer behavior aren’t something to fear.

“Magazines are evolving, and that’s a good thing. …

Maven Media, which runs the publishing businesses of Sports Illustrated and TheStreet, has tapped digital-media veteran Rob Barrett as president of media.

Barrett reports to Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn. All of the company’s media brands, including SI and TheStreet, and editorial teams report to Barrett, who will remain based in the New York area. He started at Maven Media on Feb. 16.

In 2019, Authentic Brands Group purchased Sports Illustrated from Meredith for $110 million (after Meredith bought Time Inc.). ABG then licensed media and publishing rights for the SI brand to Maven. Also in 2019, Maven bought TheStreet for…

One of the bigger media stories of 2019 was the acquisition of Sports Illustrated by Authentic Brands Group (ABG) from Meredith Corp. ABG acquired the prestigious brand and magazine for $110 million, and it surprised many in the media landscape. Just weeks after that announcement, ABG entered into an operational licensing agreement with digital publishing company, Maven Inc and CEO Ross Levinsohn. …

Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven. He has held C-level positions with Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, and Fox Interactive Media.

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