Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn Guides Thriving Community of Coalition Partners

The independent digital publishing industry has faced increasing pressure in recent years, says Business Wire. Internally, many individual publishers have found it difficult to achieve the technical sophistication and economic efficiencies that would enable them to remain a viable part of the marketplace. Externally, the rapid growth of social media has threatened to decrease viewership and led to stiffer competition for clients’ advertising dollars.

Fortunately, an innovative company called Maven has assembled a robust media organization that provides digital publishers of all sizes with unparalleled technology and support. Maven’s inclusive platform also enables high-level content distribution and major brand advertising through targeted interactions with consumers.

Maven unifies these wide-ranging functions on one platform, while enhancing each brand. The company is publicly traded under the MVEN ticker symbol. In addition, the company provides coalition members with an attractive financial services structure that fosters long-term sustainability.

Introducing Maven’s Elegant Solution

The solution was simple: create a unified platform on which every user is equipped with the technological and economic support that enables them to thrive. Maven’s founder advocated for combining these advantages with large-scale news and information distribution capabilities. Together, these attributes are designed to attract a growing base of discerning consumers.

Maven’s Vision and Mission

To transform this vision into reality, Maven has a mission to provide publishers, journalists, and storytellers with the power to deliver value to their audiences. When brands can control their data distribution, they’re better able to control their own destinies.

The Maven Business Model

Maven (the company) is an invitation-only coalition of more than 200 diverse properties. Members include individual thought leaders and renowned independent publishers. These respected content destinations have come together to form a common digital publishing, advertising, content distribution, and data management network.

Each Maven Coalition member benefits from the cloud-based platform’s top-tier technology, increased traffic, and improved monetization programs. At the same time, members enjoy operations-based savings due to Maven’s economies of scale. As a singular media brand, Maven also manages its platform’s wide-ranging operations.

Coalition members’ audiences also reap the benefits of this shared content generation and distribution network. Consumers can access numerous content channels on a single technology platform.

Marketers use cross-brand distribution and other tools to engage audiences without distracting external influences. Maven also offers high-impact custom advertising programs that often increase brand awareness, engagement, and intent to purchase.

Most importantly, each Maven Coalition member retains ownership of their content and assets. Members also have unlimited access to their own data. These tenets are in direct contrast to open social media platforms’ operational practices.

Maven Brand Has Wide-Ranging Appeal

Maven has also brought hundreds of independent content creators into the fold. These dedicated professionals benefit from the company’s unmatched technology and support services, enabling them to compete on a level playing field.

In addition to supporting its coalition members’ businesses, Maven exclusively manages the media business activities for two iconic brands. Sports Illustrated has long been recognized for its top-tier sports news and analysis. TheStreet provides subscribers with stock analysis, market data, and relevant business news.

Maven’s impressive digital publishing, distribution, and income generation platform continues to experience steady expansion. Increased digital traffic and subscription growth are recognized benefits, with more than 150 million unique visitors as of March 2020. In addition, merging four digital media platforms into one expansive space has resulted in improved economic efficiencies.

Meet Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn

In addition, Maven announced that the company was making way for new leadership. The previous CEO would continue to advise the company as it pursued new business development.

Maven named Ross Levinsohn, the Sports Illustrated media CEO, its new chief executive officer. Throughout his notable career, Levinsohn has channeled his passions for media and technology into a series of C-suite digital media management roles.

Ross Levinsohn’s Career Trajectory

Levinsohn served as the Fox Interactive Media president, promoting increased digital engagement with the company’s internet properties. As Guggenheim Digital Media’s CEO, he managed several of the company’s prominent digital brands.

Ross Levinsohn was also keenly aware of the ongoing seismic shift in media consumption trends. He served as CEO of Tribune Publishing’s digital arm and as a senior executive with search pioneer Alta Vista.

Ross Levinsohn assumed the Sports Illustrated CEO position in October 2019, and he’ll continue that role along with his Maven CEO responsibilities. Outside of the C-suite, Levinsohn has invested in or advised more than 30 early-stage and growth-phase enterprises. He also operated a thriving consulting business, helping media companies transform their content to increase viewership.

Levinsohn’s Entrepreneurial Mindset at Work

Ross Levinsohn’s entrepreneurial mindset has enabled him to thrive in a highly competitive, rapidly changing industry. Although he is known for his fearless attitude and drive, he doesn’t think that those attributes make him more productive.

Instead, Ross Levinsohn often discusses the value of listening. Whether in the boardroom, in a sales call, or in a personal conversation, he says that taking time to absorb the speaker’s words is important. At the same time, that pause allows him to formulate his words for a more thoughtful, impactful response.

Maven: A Technological Evolution

Maven History

Maven’s seasoned founding team was instrumental in the success of well-known digital media platforms. In addition, several high-level Maven officers previously performed engineering and senior executive functions at digital industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, News Corp, and Yahoo.

Coalition Partners’ Integrated Services

Three Types of Publishing Platforms

Larger brands, such as Maxim and (and soon Sports Illustrated and TheStreet), utilize the Tempest enterprise publishing platform. This powerful web authoring tool (and other tools) developed by Say Media are currently in use on the Tempest and Maven Community sites.

HubPages is a different type of online community in which writers contribute articles about their passions. After HubPages reviews the articles for compliance with multiple criteria (including SEO effectiveness), approved articles appear on one of 26 specialty sites.

Additional Features and Tools

These combined software-as-a-service (SAAS) offerings help facilitate coalition member revenue generation and audience growth. In addition, coalition members enjoy immediate savings because Maven takes full advantage of economies of scale.

Establishment of iOS and Android native mobile apps, along with complementary membership and subscription services, enable easy communication and a satisfying member experience.

Coalition Partners Enjoy Multiple Benefits

Coalition partners also benefit from Maven’s extensive familiarity with large-scale digital media platforms. And Maven’s coalition partners don’t pay any non-content operating expenses that could negatively impact their profits.

In addition, advertising agencies have increased control over their operational parameters. With the elimination of distracting external influences, agencies often realize increasingly successful marketing programs.

Consumers enjoy single log-in access and a quality viewing experience. Finally, investors will appreciate Maven’s financially sound and profitable business model. This innovative framework enables scaling of revenues without incurring material cost increases.

Maven Growth Strategy Includes Acquisitions

In August 2018, Maven brought SAY Media into the mix. This digital publishing company operates the acclaimed Tempest publishing platform and offers media services. SAY Media’s independent content providers focus on popular consumer interest areas that include living, style, technology, and food.

Maven’s June 2019 acquisition of TheStreet played a key role in the acquiring company’s growth strategy. TheStreet’s Jim Cramer and his colleagues deliver timely financial insights on the stock market and the factors that influence it.

More recently, Maven acquired LiftIgniter in March 2020. This standalone platform uses machine learning to personalize the entire customer experience. This targeted approach results in more conversions while still respecting the end user’s privacy preferences.

Ross Levinsohn Charts Maven’s Future Path

On September 3, 2020, new Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn conducted an all-company call during which he recognized the company’s challenges while optimistically looking toward the future. Levinsohn reaffirmed his commitment to a teamwork-focused corporate culture that remains focused on excellence. He quickly raised more than $20 million dollars to bolster the company’s balance sheet, and re-imagined its partnerships and sales.

While acknowledging the pandemic’s effect on Maven’s growth, Ross Levinsohn stressed that the company has been proactively managing its costs to maximize its financial position. Levinsohn also noted that Maven’s executive team continues to redefine the company’s path, given its evolving external influences and market conditions.

These well-crafted management strategies have helped Maven transition quickly from a startup to a robust digital communications platform and increasingly sought-after consumer destination. Levinsohn concluded his address by emphasizing that Maven’s concrete goals and solid foundation have favorably positioned the company for continued success.

Originally published at on May 27, 2021.

Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven. He has held C-level positions with Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, and Fox Interactive Media.

Ross Levinsohn is the CEO of Maven. He has held C-level positions with Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, and Fox Interactive Media.