Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn Takes Positive Action to Realign the Sports Illustrated Brand

Ross Levinsohn is leading Sports Illustrated to a fruitful future

New Ownership Lays the Groundwork for Expansion

The Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a global brand development and marketing firm, laid the groundwork for Sports Illustrated’s turnaround. In May 2019, the company purchased the well-regarded brand from Meredith, its owner at that time.

Sports Illustrated Shows an Upward Trend

ABG’s 2019 Sports Illustrated acquisition set the stage for the publication’s turnaround. In 2021, Marc Rosen, ABG’s executive vice president of entertainment, stated that the publication has begun to be profitable again.

Enhanced Editorial Operations Resources

To enhance Sports Illustrated’s status as a valued news source, CEO Ross Levinsohn has approved numerous editorial personnel investments. Specifically, he supports the hiring of additional top professional sports journalists and support staff.

Diversified Revenue Sources

Expanding a company’s revenue sources is a time-tested way to drive business growth. Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn has recently put two new revenue generation strategies in motion.

Targeted Website Acquisitions

Maven, the Sports Illustrated media management firm, is actively involved in purchasing websites that have built loyal, engaged audiences. To put this strategy into effect, the company has firmed up $20 million in equity financing from institutional investors.

Premium Content Paywall

In early 2021, the Sports Illustrated website put a premium content paywall in place. The move was designed to generate additional revenue and deliver higher-quality content to subscribers. Many sports media publications, along with major newspapers’ online editions, have installed similar paywalls in recent years.

Digital Subscription Benefits

Sports Illustrated digital subscribers will enjoy subscriber-only articles from top writers. Subscribers will also receive members-only newsletters and specialty photographic features.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

To further enhance the Sports Illustrated brand and increase its value proposition to readers, the publication has begun to form mutually beneficial partnerships with targeted companies. Although some of these collaborations pertain to content offerings, others relate to sports-related experiences.

Multiple Targeted Sports Verticals

Sports Illustrated will partner with selected brands that have cultivated loyal audiences in specific sports verticals. To illustrate, the publication has formed an editorial partnership with the well-regarded online golf publication Morning Read.

Online Sports Betting Opportunities

Sports Illustrated readers will soon have online sports betting and gambling opportunities at their fingertips. Authentic Brands Group, owner of the Sports Illustrated brand, has formed a partnership with 888 Holdings to create the SI Sportsbook. This iGaming and sports gambling company will launch in Colorado in the latter half of 2021.

Video Technology and Monetization

Thanks to a June 2021 partnership with Veritone, Sports Illustrated is poised to monetize the publication’s expansive video offerings. Containing 1.6 petabytes of data, the Sports Illustrated video archive dates back to 1954.

About Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn, who serves as the Sports Illustrated and Maven CEO, is a multifaceted digital publishing executive with a 35-year record of achievements. He brings extensive publishing, media, and technology expertise to his two roles.

About Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated magazine has long been an integral part of worldwide sports history. Founded in 1954 under Time magazine’s Henry Luce, the publication began to gain popularity under managing editor Andre Laguerre, who assumed the role in 1960.

About Maven

Maven Coalition Inc. (known as Maven) is a Seattle-based umbrella media organization with a nationwide reach. Maven furnishes logistical and financial support to more than 300 digital publishing businesses and independent content providers.



Ross Levinsohn the Sports Illustrated CEO and the CEO of The Arena Group. He has also held C-level positions with Yahoo! and Fox Intera

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