CEO Ross Levinsohn’s steady hand turns Sports Illustrated around | BOSS Magazine

Ross Levinsohn is bolstering Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Magazine’s Notable History

Sports Illustrated has a long and colorful history. In 1954, Time Magazine’s Henry Luce started Sports Illustrated to add diversity to the company’s publications.

Authentic Brands Group Acquires Sports Illustrated

In May 2019, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) purchased Sports Illustrated from then-owner Meredith. Ross Levinsohn, a well-regarded digital media executive

Maven Purchases Sports Illustrated Media Business

In one of ABG’s biggest deals, digital publishing company Maven purchased the right to manage the Sports Illustrated editorial operations and print the now-monthly magazine. Maven paid ABG an upfront fee of $45 million in June 2019 for these rights.

Sports Illustrated Demonstrates Forward Progress

Two years after the ABG acquisition, Sports Illustrated media has experienced a substantial turnaround. Marc Rosen, ABG’s Executive Vice President of Entertainment, notes in a recent story on the business, that the magazine has become profitable again.

Ross Levinsohn Revamps the Editorial Operations

In addition, Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn, has supported Co-Editor in Chiefs Steve Cannella and Ryan Hunt in making numerous editorial-side investments. Realizing that readers now recognize the value of a trusted news source, they have taken steps to ensure that the magazine fulfills that requirement.

Four Recommendations for Viability in the Digital Age

Ross Levinsohn provides four guiding principles for forward-thinking magazine publishers. These strategies will enable the publication to remain viable in the digital publishing environment.



Ross Levinsohn the Sports Illustrated CEO and the CEO of The Arena Group. He has also held C-level positions with Yahoo! and Fox Intera

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